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2016 Race Results

The Simple Church

Congratulations to the new 2016 BPCC100 Champions, The Simple Church, Car #17!

On behalf of Dr. Rick Bateman Jr., BPCC 100 Grand Marshal Billy Montgomery, and the entire BPCC family, we wish to thank everyone who supported the 7th Annual BPCC 100 Go-Kart Race.

The event would not have been possible without support from community partners such as that from our Co-Presenting partners Capital One Bank and The Simple Church as well as all of our sponsors, volunteers, and participating BPCC 100 Teams.

To date, the BPCC Foundation has disbursed over $600,000 in scholarships to students who could not afford the cost of a college education. Your participation in this fundraiser will enable the BPCC Foundation to continue to make a difference in the lives of citizens seeking a better way of life through education and career advancement.

Main Event: Champions Shoot-Out
1st The Simple Church, Car # 17 - 2016 BPCC100 Champions
2nd AEP ľ Arsenal Hill
3rdá ANECA Federal Credit Union
Division Cup
1STá AEP ľ Arsenal Hill
2nd ANECA Federal Credit Union
3rdá AEP SWEPCO - Tex
Johnny Wyatt Memorial Cup
1stá AEP ľ Arsenal Hill
2ndá BPCC Criminal Justice
3rdá Landers Dodge
Throw Down
  AEP ľ Texarkana (winner) vs. Simple Church
Educational Institutions Face-Off
2ndá BPCC Staff Senate
3rdá BPCC Criminal Justice